Senior Companion Services

Services of Our Senior Helpers

Our senior companion services are popular among seniors who don’t require 24 hour care, but could still use someone to run errands with, to help out around the house, or simply to provide good company and engaging conversation.
  • Cooking—Many of our caregivers are great cooks and can prepare meals from your own personal recipes or make something of their own.  

  • Household Chores—Our companions will wash the dishes, change sheets, do laundry, vacuum, and perform other household duties to assist you in day-to-day living. 

  • Company—The caregivers we employ are passionate, caring, and often enjoy engaging in conversation and providing company. Playing games, going to the park, and other activities are always an option!

  • The Caring Heart-Based Care—As a Caring Heart business, our care is based on a Caring Heart perspective. If you wish, we offer daily devotions, bible readings, and daily praying.

About The Caring Heart

The Caring Heart is a family owned and operated business since 2010 and it shows.  We’re open 24/7 every day of the week.

We also offer free, in-home consultations where will meet you in your home to discuss your needs and options. Our consultations are a way to ensure we can match a compatible caregiver and a schedule that will work for you.

A consultation also gives us a chance to meet you and allows you to ask us questions in person.

If you have questions about our senior companion services, call us at 903-494-7110. You can also email us at info@OurCaringHeart.Com and we’ll get back to you soon.